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Ramona Karlsson works as a professional rally driver, and has built up its own rally team Ramona Rallying. She started in Group Finance, and now 12 years later managed to become the first Swedish woman running full SM-season in a WRC car. Now she wants to help more girls in motorsport in their careers, and share their experiences. Therefore, Ramona started the “Young Female Drivers” YFD, where she has selected seven young female drivers in various motor sports. “Sure, it can be tough at times as a girl in a blokes industry, but also has a lot of advantages. It stands out from the crowd and have more promotional benefits, but at the same time it can be a high pressure on the basis that you have to tackle. I want to help these girls to get an insight into what it takes to achieve their goals, no matter what level they are. Can I help anyone to easily reach their objectives, save time and energy, and at the same time to enjoy more along the way – then I have reached my goal with this initiative. I also hope that this will inspire more girls to start with motorsports, “said Ramona who had the idea for the Young Female Drivers for a long time. Being able to make the idea a reality is largely thanks to the “Sports Initiative,” which have made contributions to the venture.

Now Young Female Drivers got an own homepage, by their partners Solidtango . The site will serve both as a marketing platform and a news portal for the seven female drivers. “Here we lay out reports from the races, and what happens in the girls’ competition seasons. It is also a perfect training for girls in how to communicate in social media, and the importance of keeping business partners and all others who follow them informed, “said Ramona

The page is published today and contains a report and pictures from the first YFD-hit. “There will emerge a really fun novelty soon at hand, which I am working together with our partner Solidtango, so stay tuned,” said Ramona

Ramona, who is the initiator and project manager for undomssatsningen “Young Female Drivers”, organized last weekend the first meeting of the seven girls. Young Female Drivers consists of seven girls between 15-20 years of sports branches rally, rallycross, folkrace and crosscart. This weekend was held the first meeting in connection with Rally Sweden, and it was a full schedule for the girls. Early Friday morning we headed out on Rally Sweden to see two special stages. In between, there was also a visit to the service park, for including a study of DMACK, and to meet with rallylegenden Michéle Mouton.
– Michéle Mouton is a very big role model for me and always has been, so it was really great fun and a great inspiration to meet her and she took the time with the girls. For it’s the concept of this project. My aim is to give the girls the inspiration, motivation, as well as advice and tips along the way in their careers. And hopefully also motivate and encourage more women to invest in motorsports! says Ramona

On Friday evening lecture Jan Phersson from Simpson about personal safety. On Saturday lectured Ramona on its way from Gr.E WRC, and Tech Pro Kil lined up with their facilities, where it was arranged press photography, filming and discussion forums where important and interesting issues were raised and discussed. Lasse Mehtola gave advice regarding the design of the logo and helmet design, and the coach of the national team rally came to visit and told me about their business.…