Buying a Custom Puddle Light Online

Car customization is a common thing amongst car enthusiasts. Many will try out different features that will make their vehicles stand out from the rest. We have seen many try a new paint to soup up their cars. Powerful engines have also been used to make vehicles fast and loud. Other people will work on their sound systems by installing new speakers and amplifiers to enjoy that good or loud music when driving.

The other thing you can try in your vehicle is extra lighting. You can fit custom lighting that will leave the interior and outside part of your car looking beautiful. One type of light you can install is the custom puddle light. It is a type of light that can display a specific logo, especially at night. You can try out logos of different car brands or other things you may like.

Adding this customization feature to your vehicle will help add some beauty. Many will be amazed by the different logos displayed by your car, especially at night. You also get to move in style in specific places. You should buy a puddle light that is easy to install.

The chances of falling off or getting damaged aftercustom logo light installation should be very minimal. Also, go for the right type of brand. They can be purchased online or from other mainstream shops that deal with the sale of vehicle parts. The following are some of the things you should consider when buying one online.

Logo Type

You should look at the type of log that can be displayed by a specific custom puddle light when purchasing online. It is usually indicated in the description section. Read it keenly to choose the right type of logo.


You should consider the cost of the custom puddle light you want to purchase. Rates may vary from one type to another. Compare prices between the different vendors and go for one selling it at a reasonable price. You should not forget to consider the quality of the logo light as much as you look at the price.

Check Reviews

Reading reviews can guide you in buying the right type of customcar puddle light puddle light. Many will share the experiences they had using them or purchasing them from that specific online shop. This will help you pick the best. Do not ignore the customer review section when buying the custom puddle lights for your vehicle online.…

Selecting the Ideal Auto Repair Shop

If you own a car, then you need to visit an auto repair shop frequently. An auto repair shop will not help you in maintaining your vehicle but also fix it for you if it breaks down. Your car is a mechanical device which requires regular maintenance if it is to operate at its optimum. For the best service on your vehicle, visit

bike in a garage

Since there are many auto shops out there, selecting the right one is typically a challenge for many people. This is because many people with cars have limited mechanical knowledge and thus do not know what to look for when choosing the ideal auto repair shop. This article highlights some of the factors to consider when selecting the perfect auto repair shop.

Ask for Recommendations

When you are looking for the ideal auto repair shop, do not go blindly but instead ask for recommendations. Look around for your friends who are experienced in the mechanical field or who own cars. Ask them to guide or advise you on some of the places to maintain your vehicle.

Also get an opinion from them on how they feel about the services that they received from different shops. You can also make use of the search engines for recommendations. When you are making use of the internet, make sure that you concentrate on the ratings and the reviews that the previous customers have given the company.

Professional Certification

mechanic fixing a disc brake

You should never assume that all the auto repair shops in your area have been validly licensed to operate. We have lots of auto repair shops which are operating illegally in different parts of the world. One of the ways of making sure that your car is not handled by quacks and is instead handled by the professionals is by asking for the professional certifications.

The auto repair shop should have a valid operating license and the relevant certifications that are needed in the area. The valid certifications and documents should be publicly displayed for easier verification by the public.

Specialized Experience

Specialized experience counts a lot when it comes to the selection of the ideal auto shops. It is important to note that the car has different parts which need different individuals who are qualified to provide the various services.

Look at the number of years in which the company has been in operation. The auto repair companies that have been in the trade for an extended period are perfect when it comes to servicing and repairing your vehicle.


Last but not least, always check the guarantee that the auto repair shop provides. Companies offer a more extended warranty because they believe that their services are first class and that the customers won’t come back soon for re-fixing.…

Tips for Beginner Classic Car Fans from Derek Hood of JD Classics

As a car enthusiast, you might find out a need for enjoying classic cars is within you. You might even consider having one as a daily driver to boost your ego, rekindle your childhood days and have fun on the road. There is a thing about classic cars that modern cars fail to have and that are driver engagement and a sense of a symbiotic relationship formed between the owner and the car. If you are looking at classic restored cars or going for a journey of bringing such a car to life, then keep on reading for some useful tips.


car interiorChoose your Car

The first thing about restoration or enjoying classic cars is choosing the right one. You might need help on this aspect, and one place to look is at Derek Hood of JD Classics because of the reputation built over the years in bringing classic cars back to life and satisfying clients’ needs on a repeated basis. You can find the history of the car, the suitability of its build quality and engine for the purposes you intend for the car.


Pick your Few Major Reasons for the Classic Car

The choice of a classic car should come right before you have the underlying reasons for getting it so that you avoid confusing yourself with so many available options. The most quoted reasons for enjoying these cars are the driving experience and the portrayal of a particular identity. A driver driving a restored car is hard to miss in traffic and can be a fun person to have around because of the interesting conversations that will come because of the car. The car will also stand out when parking in public and that is more reason to use it as a status symbol. Restoration can also be for purposes of investing in the car since the classic disobey the law of depreciation and increase in value.


Find your Classic Car

Finding the car can be the hardest thing to do especially when the car is indeed a classic. It might be too popular with many people but short in supply because no manufacturing is churning the cars out of an assembly line. Again, you might need an insider into the business to help you locate the car you need. Other than that, scouting various marketplaces and talking to members of the classic car community will help you a lot in the process of getting your desires fulfilled.


car machineFinding a Reliable Garage

If you are to restore a classic car, then you must have access to a fully-fitted garage since the restoration process is delicate and requires some modifications when parts are not available in their original form. The garage will provide you with the staff and equipment necessary to bring your dream to life. You will also make several maintenance visits to the garage in the future to keep the car in mind condition. Therefore, you want to establish a good reputation with the garage company and also focus on finding one that is easy to reach from your location.…

Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start When Cold But Starts When Warm

Due to the changes in weather, your car may face a lot of problems. Some of these problems can be your car won’t start when it’s cold but begins during warm weather. Then you are at the right place if you have faced such issue or you are currently facing it. If you need to know the cause of this problem then below you will get to identify reasons why your car won’t start when cold but starts when warm.

Bad Battery

car battery with jumpersIf you have an ideal car, it might produce the chemical your battery for it to hold back. After a while, it will make your battery to stop functioning temporarily or even permanent. Besides, it’s preferable to replace your car battery after like every three years.

It may sound more expensive, but it’s the only safe way for you to drive safely during the winter season. More so, if you just bought a new battery and you still can’t start then consult experts. It’s advisable that you purchase a new battery regularly to avoid significant problems.

Using Wrong Oil

Adding wrong oil in the car is just like giving the wrong meal to the kid. Even if you have an old or new car, it’s crucial that you take a look at the vehicle’s manual to know the right oil for your vehicle. We have some cars that need thick oil while others might need thinner oil.
But thin oil is good during winter since the engine can easily ignite. Thicker oil is not right in winter because molecules begin to cluster when the degree is less than zero. Don’t use more viscous oil in winter because it might be the cause of the car issue.

Water in the Fuel Line

car fuel linesWe all know that water is the worst thing you can find in your fuel line although; it’s not the issue in winter. It’s normal to see water in the gasoline and fuel lines not close to car engine which can affect car functioning.

Carelessness when washing the car water can enter the fuel lines, and this can make you replace the entire fuel line. Consult a mechanic within your area in such situation.

Fault in Carburetor

Older cars have this kind of problem since there is an item known as carburetor, which joins oxygen and gasoline together to have external combustion. Malfunctioning or dirt in your carburetor when traveling is the reason why your car is not functioning.
When sure that your battery is perfect, you are using correct oil, and that the fuel line is free from water to take a look at the carburetor. If you need assistance, you can call the mechanic.…

Tips to Consider When Buying Battery for Your Car

You will find that many batteries have a limited lifespan of three to five years which depends on climatic conditions and nature of trips. It might be tricky when it comes to buying the right car battery that won’t disappoint you. Here, we have listed few tips that will help you out when purchasing your car battery.


car battery warranties infoIt’s crucial to put guarantee into consideration and select a battery that has a long time of free replacement. The warranties period is weighed by a number joining both the prorated period and the free alternative. Prorated period gives space for slight reimbursement in the buying amount of your battery for some time.

Battery Size

Most car batteries are grouped into sizes that show width, height, and length of the battery. For you to know the battery size, you need you can check the manual on the battery, or you can as well ask your mechanic as well as the comparing the car batteries. You can know the correct battery size when it fits inside the battery tray that’s securing your battery which prevents the battery from damage caused by vibrations.


We have two battery scenarios which are the maintenance free type and the low maintenance. With maintenance free battery it’s always sealed with a liquid electrolyte which can run lasts long hence there is no need to replace it. While low maintenance battery they are not sealed with caps that let you pour distilled water once in a while.

Reserve Capacity

It is the period that your battery can run on its power without using the engine and also before the discharge. When you have a battery with significant reserve capacity assists your car during stressful times like alternator failure, noncompliant engine and lastly when you mistakenly leave the car lights on.

Battery Freshness

recyclable batteryYou should check on the freshness of your battery when buying. The freshness of the battery is always indicated by use of code on all batteries which contains the number and a letter.

The number indicates the year of manufacture while the letter indicates the month. It’s advisable that you should not purchase a battery that is more than six months old from the manufacture date.

Position of Terminals

The positioning of positive terminals can affect the car polarity, and there is a danger of shorting when positive terminal comes in contact with metal shell of your car. It’s vital for you to take a look which side is the positive terminal placed it might be left or right depending on car type.